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yes i study

and i'm soooo tired... it's like 4 pm. i've been here since 8 in the morning... and this daz... like so many others was just not worth it... 2 hours on how to communicate... ok i learned some ... 2 hours slb .... i could have just read the info somewhere... shouldn't have taken two lessons... 1 hour "hoorcollege" listening to a woman about mathamatics i already did at school a long long time ago. could have read that too to freshen it up... one hour off... "2"hours introduction in in studycentrum. ok the last one was interesting buut. why did only two people of our class come there? (including me...).. well... we got to go quite early so now i have still like 1 hour to go til janina drives home.

tomorrow: the same. 

can't wait for thursday..my day off... i can study... a little. guess this whole thing would be a lot easier if it weren't dutch. why did this only one dutch school that offered my course in english want me to have chemistry in my "abitur"?? ... on such a long day it's just so hard to follo anything that's written or said in dutch. so i'm happy to come home and read in "understanding nutrition" my favourite book. not only because it is english but also because of the interesting stuff that's written in it.

well... i think i'll go take a look at the h&m online shop... i'd like to have some clothes delivered to me. even though i can't take them cause i don't have the money. but i can at least just try them on we'll see. bored. can't concentrate. need food. need chocolate. but i have a strikt diet this week. (since i gained 2 kilios during the last few weeks...)


soooo. have a good one. see ya'll



14.9.10 16:23


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